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Premium Home Builders

Based out of Pierceland, Saskatchewan

3D Construction has been building custom homes for people throughout the northeast of Alberta and northwest of Saskatchewan for over three decades.


Our team is known for our attention to detail. 

Having built the majority of premium homes throughout Lauman's Landing (residential development at Lac Des Iles), and showcasing a portfolio of stunning home builds, our team is highly experienced and masters of their craft. 

We care about each build. We have been built by word-of-mouth reputation and we are proud to be a sought-after home builder for our local region.

About Us: Homes by 3D Construction



Quality & craftsmanship is our legacy

Homes by 3D Construction was started by Delvin Demuth (pictured left). When you phone 3D Construction, you’re going to talk to Del and he’ll be with you every step of the way. 

The 3D Construction family has evolved into a team that showcases journeymen home builders who take pride and their work and the final product for the client.

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